Diversity E60 / E61 / E90 / E91

Diversity E60 / E61 / E90 / E91

We offer You the repair of the diversity driver module responsible for receiving the signal from the remote control and receiving radio waves.

The most common defects:
– no response to the remote control (does not open / close the central lock)
– radio reception is disturbed
– the radio loses waves
– the navigation switches to a different language and other radio settings

Each controller is connected on the bench table for diagnostics to check the correctness of repair and coverage.

The car can be used without a module, closing the car with an key blade.

Shipping guarantee – 2 weeks time.
Warranty for the option of repair at the company’s headquarters 6 months.

Other services related to the driver:
– tailgate harness repair

Shipping worldwide. Time repair 1-2 work days + shipping.

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