Unlock gearbox TCU
In case of BMW vehicle. If You change mechatronics or computer of Your gearbox, Your engine start
but You will be not able to turn on non of the gear. System also doesn`t show the error message.
In that case we need to add used controller to Your vehicle.
Service related to the controller:

  • unlock 6HP / 8HP tcu – F.xx and G.xx series (F01, F10, F30, G01, G10 etc.)
  • unlock 6HP tcu – E.xx series (E60, E70, E71 etc)
  • controller coding for vehicle
  • change VIN number for vehicle

Repair tcu
Gearbox controllers have an error related to their operation. As of today, our company removes the following errors from this type of control. Tcu must be sent to a company for repair. In the video below you can see how to properly dismantle the tcu for shipping.

  • 5088 – L1 L4 sensor switch selector

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