6HP automatic gearbox units over time begin to have repetitive faults that our company fixes, the list of faults can be found below.

  • no communication
  • 5088 – switch selector level L1-L4
  • Turbine Speed Sensor
  • 6HP19
  • 6HP21
  • 6HP26
  • 6HP28
  • 6HP32
  • 6HP34

Audi: A5, S5, A6, S6, A8, S8

  • remove component protection (only in company)
  • programing unit for gearbox symbol

In the case of shipping to a package, please include the error code and the return address with the contact phonenumber for the recipient.

We don’t fix these types of drivers while you wait.

Repair costs:

  • by mail order (error 5088) – 160e
  • along with the car delivered to the company’s – 330e
  • shipping by courier + individual

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