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The offer applies to repair / regeneration of the Mercedes automatic transmission controller / computer. The controller is installed in Mercedes A-class W169 and B-class W245 models. Each controller with a white flap is opened non-invasively (the flap in its entirety), older controllers with a black flap are opened on a cnc milling machine. All connections are fixed, unlike other companies that only repair broken ones, so that the unit does not come back for a new repair. Then the computer is connected to the test table where numerous tests are carried out at 100°C. After the tests with a positive result, the controller is glued together with the warranty and the manual sent to the customer.

  • the PRND indicators on the cluster display are blinking
  • the car jerks
  • unable to shift into gear
  • the car is driving in emergency mode at one RPM level
  • the car cannot be started
  • the fault depends on the temperature of the gearbox
  • the car can only be fired in the N position
  • P1815 / 0717 – The Speed Signal From component Y3 / 9b3 (primary speed sensor CVT continuously variable transmission) is not available
  • P1826 / 0722 – Speed signal from component Y3 / 9b5 (output speed sensor CVT) not available
  • P1939 / 0793 – Speed signal from component Y3 / 9b4 (secondary speed sensor CVT) not available
  • P2198 / 0730 – The gear ratio in the transmission (CVT) is not permissible
  • 0720 – Speed Gradient
  • 0723 – The rpm signal from component Y3/9b5 CVT (output rpm sensor) is implausible
  • 0793 – The rpm signal from component Y3/9b4 CVT – secondary rpm sensor is not available
  • 0794 – Intermediate Input Shaft Speed Sensor Signal
  • 1634 – Component Y3 / 9n1 (CVT) is defective or the power supply is faulty (under voltage)
  • 0896 – impermissible adjustment of the step down ratio in the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT)
  • A1695451032
  • A1693701006
  • A1693701106
  • A1693700406
  • A1693700506
  • A1693700606
  • A1693700706
  • A1693700806
  • A0034462410
  • A1695451062
  • A2463700902
  • 1: 1 software cloning
  • programming the unit for the vehicle vin
  • software recovery from damaged unit
  • sale of the unit
  • purchase of damaged units
  • there is a one-year warranty
  • 1-3 work days + shipping
  • by mail order – 160e
  • along with the car delivered to the company’s – 380e
  • shipping by courier + individual

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