Home Park Brake Module EPB EMF Hand Brake Actuator Exx X5 X6 E70 E71

Park Brake Module EPB EMF Hand Brake Actuator Exx X5 X6 E70 E71

Park Brake Module EPB EMF Hand Brake Actuator Exx X5 X6 E70 E71

Regeneration – repair of the electric parking brake mechanism in the BMW system called EMF (Electro-Mechanical Parking Brake) or EPB, involves the replacement of all worn and broken elements (apart from the cables, these are additionally payable). After repair, the mechanism is tested on the table along with viewing the operating parameters through the diagnostic connector. The mechanism does NOT require any coding / programming after regeneration. The housing is additionally sealed.

  • no reaction to the handbrake button
  • yellow or red brake icon on the instrument is lit
  • loud work of the mechanism
  • no communication with unit
  • flooded socket / plug / pins
  • 600E EMF: Control module: internal fault (engine circuit)
  • 6011 EMF: Control module: internal fault (engine circuit)
  • 6031 EMF: Emergency release detected
  • 600D EMF: control unit internal fault
  • BMW X5 E70
  • BMW X6 E71
  • 34 43 6 779 451 / 6779451
  • 34 43 6 788 968 / 6788968
  • 34 43 6 788 556 / 6788556
  • 34 43 6 782 205 / 6782205
  • 34 43 6 796 072 / 6796072
  • 34 43 6 785 487 / 6785487
  • 34 43 6 850 289 / 6850289
  • clone software 1:1
  • software recovery from damage units
  • assembly / disassembly

In the case of shipment to a package, please include the error code and the return address with the contact number for the recipient.

Repair costs:

by mail order – 160e
along with the car – 280e
shipping by courier – individual

Repair time 2 – 4 working days, applies to modules not previously opened by other companies / people.

A one-year warranty is provided for the refurbished mechanism, below are deviations and information about the loss of warranty:

  • before installing the repaired module, it is obligatory to correctly adjust the brake shoes adjusters,
  • switching on the mechanism not connected to the braking system causes its damage and the loss of warranty,
  • if, after the first use of the handbrake, you hear crackling noise in the mechanism – it means that the brake shoe adjusters or other components of the handbrake have been incorrectly adjusted, which may block the mechanism and damage it again – which will not be included in the warranty,
  • if there is error 6011 in the diagnostics – internal error (motor circuit) – the mechanism has been damaged again due to incorrect assembly – the warranty is rejected,
  • if the mechanism was sent without cables, check whether the old cables are not worn out (stretched, rust) – which may result in the mechanism being damaged again and the warranty being rejected
  • the company is not responsible for the software in the controller (whether it is properly selected for the vehicle),
  • in the case of a warranty repair – the company does not bear the costs related to the disassembly / assembly of the controller / module / computer,

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