Gearbox unit S-tronic / 0B5 / DL501

Gearbox unit S-tronic / 0B5 / DL501

In case of S-Tronic / 0B5 / DL501 gearbox controllers the frequent damage is the water inside of the wire plug. It means that corrosion inside of nest and wire plug causing the issue. Wire plug for controllers are not available to purchase so as the only one company we in the world we create new pins and we patented method of pins exchangeable. Included the service, You are getting new pins with wire to installation and valve which flooded this socket.

Below You can see other services for that controller:

  • cloning controller one to one
  • read data flash from TCU when socket and flex cable is broken
  • deleting security component trom used controller
  • reparation of flooding pins from in controller
  • software installation under gearbox symbol

Shipping worldwide. Time repair 1-2 work days + shipping.

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