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Gearbox unit DSG6 / DQ250 / 02E / 0D9

Gearbox unit DSG6 / DQ250 / 02E / 0D9

The offer applies to the regeneration / repair of the controller / computer / unit / mechatronics / hydraulics for the DSG DQ250 automatic transmission. Each controller with a white flap is opened non-invasively (the flap in its entirety), older controllers with a black flap are opened on a cnc milling machine. All connections are fixed, unlike other companies that only repair broken ones, so that the unit does not come back for a new repair. In the hydraulic part, each valve is tested separately, which is confirmed by the documentation for the buyer in the form of charts. The mechatronics have been recently tested in road conditions and 100°C oil is fully heated.

  • no communication with the controller
  • it is not possible to start the vehicle (no error is recorded in the diagnostics)
  • oil leakage from the plug / socket of the controller
  • cracked / broken unit socket
  • damaged sensors
P0701 17085 Transmission Control Module Range/Performance (SAE) or Control Module Defective (VAG)
P0715 17099 Gearbox input speed sensor G182, error in electrical circuit
P0722 17106 Speed sensor G195, no signal
P0735 17119 5th gear, incorrect ratio
P0746 17130 Pressure Control Solenoid 1: Open or Short to Ground
P0756 17140 Shift Solenoid 2 (N89): Open or Short to Ground
P0761 17145 Shift Solenoid 3 (N90): Open or Short to Ground
P0766 17150 Shift Solenoid 3 (N91): Open or Short to Ground
P0771 17155 Shift Solenoid 5 (N92): Open or Short to Ground
P0868 17252 Transmission Fluid Pressure Adaptation at Limit (Pressure too Low?)
P1813 18221 Pressure control valve 1 (N215), electrical fault in circuit
P1814 18222 Pressure Control Valve 1 (N215): Open or Short to Ground
P1815 18223 Pressure control valve 1 (N215), short circuit to B +
P1818 18226 Pressure control valve 2 (N216), electrical fault in circuit
P1819 18227 Pressure Control Valve 1 (N216): Open or Short to Ground
P1820 18228 Pressure control valve 2 (N216), short circuit to B +
P1823 18231 Pressure control valve 3 (N217), electrical fault in circuit
P1824 18232 Pressure control valve 3 (N217), interruption / short circuit to ground
P1825 18233 Pressure control valve 3 (N217), short circuit to B +
P1828 18236 Pressure control valve 4 (N218), electrical fault in circuit
P1829 18237 Pressure control valve 4 (N218), interruption / short circuit to ground
P1830 18238 Pressure control valve 4 (N218), short circuit to B +
P1833 18241 Pressure control valve 5 (N233), electrical fault in circuit
P1834 18242 Pressure control valve 5 (N233), interruption / short circuit to ground
P1835 18243 Pressure control valve 5 (N233), short circuit to B +
P1838 18246 Pressure control valve 6 (N371), electrical fault in circuit
P1839 18247 Pressure control valve 6 (N371), break / short circuit to ground
P1840 18248 Pressure control valve 6 (N371), short circuit to B +
P2711 19143 Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement
  • 02E927770L
  • 02E927770AD
  • 02E927770AE
  • 02E927770AJ
  • 02E927770AL
  • 02E927770AM
  • 02E927770AN
  • 02E927770AS
  • 02E927770AQ
  • 02E927770AT
  • DQ250
  • 02E
  • 0D9
  • clone software 1:1 (after clone, you only put to the car and all working, without remove component protection)
  • programming tcu for gearbox symbol
  • software recovery from damage tcu
  • sale of units
  • purchase of damaged units


The warranty is provided for a period of one year from the date of repair.

The warranty covers such elements as:

  • repair of internal electrical connections (no communication, problem with speed sensors, problem with F125 positioner, valve errors – short to ground)
  • testing the controller in terms of electronic functionality
  • correct gluing of the driver after repair

Valves replaced with new ones in mechatronics during repair are not covered by the warranty, because their service life is affected by the cleanliness of the oil and clutch wear, which we cannot check during repair by mail order.

  • 3-10 work days + shipping
  • by mail order – 270e – 780e
  • shipping by courier + individual

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